a photo of sukhi chuhan

Hi I’m Sukhi Chuhan

I’m a UX designer who takes an inclusive interdisciplinary approach when thinking about design, complex systems and the humans interacting with and within them. 

With experiences in healthcare, government, collaborative design and data science, my design methodology is one of empowering users of all intersecting identities through their digital interactions.
Apart from UX, I enjoy collecting poetry books, learning how to play songs on my kalimba and connecting with others. Feel free to reach out through email [hi@sukhichuhan.com] to chat!

My Design Principles

Social ethics and accessibility

As a designer, I work to understand intersections of social barriers so I can use those insights to make ethical and accessible designs. To put theory into practice, I sit as an advisor for my local health region’s patient and caregiver committee and volunteer for Mozilla’s open-source projects.

Design with the community

Beyond simply understanding the user, it's important for me to connect and co-design, especially when designing tech for social good. As a design contributor for CivictechWR I'm able to learn and collaborate with individuals across the community for my region.

Continuous learning

As an avid learner, I’m constantly exploring new methodologies and practices for design. Hacking or mentoring at hackathons, such as Hack the North and StarterHacks, provide opportunities to build my own skill while sharing what I know with others.